Metals Recycling Systems | Scrap and Dust Collection Systems
Metal Processing Equipment | Scrap Meatballs Processing
Paper Scrap and Paper Trim Collection Dust Control System
Midlings Tailings Processing Systems
Guidetti Recycling Systems
Dust Collection System with CCM® Filter
Vacuum Transfer System
Shredder Wire Processing Systems
Paper Converting Industry
Meatball Processing Systems
Shredder Wire Processing Systems
Compact Granulator Type SYNCRO
Shredder Wire Copper Recycling
ACR Processing Systems
Wire Processing Systems
Metals refining system to process shredder wire, electric motors, ASR fines
Granulators for electric cables and wires
Car Fluff - Automotive Shredder Residue
Meatballs Processing Lines | Meatballs Metals Recycling

Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC

ERS takes decades of engineering experience and integration expertise to provide turnkey solutions.

We design, install and service world-class metal separation, trim removal and dust collection systems. We provide our customers with equipment and system designs that deliver unprecedented levels of quality and craftsmanship. Our solutions increase production efficiencies and add to your bottom line profits. We are your one stop solutions provider!


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Wire Processing System

Dust and Trim Collection System

Shredder Wire Processing System

Copper Recovery - Modular Tailing System

Shredder Wire Processing System