Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC (ERS),

is the industry leader in dust collection, metal separation and trim removal systems.  The team at ERS is comprised of the industry’s top engineers and system integrators, incorporating the finest equipment technology, expansive industry knowledge and expertise, and enabling ERS to provide customers with the latest and most innovative integrated systems in the world.

ERS trim removal and dust collection systems encompass proven technology of the past along with efficient, cost effective technology of today. ERS considers current market trends; workplace safety, health (OSHA) and fire (NFPA) regulations and guidelines; existing and new production equipment and facility layout; and manufacturing requirements to empower customers with a whole package approach of system integration for air conveying systems.

ERS metal recovery and refining systems for scrap metal processors and manufacturing facilities process a variety of material such as: copper wire & cable chopping systems, shredder wire processing, meatball & armature processing systems, ASR, ACSR wire chopping systems, e-waste recycling and more. With the team’s unlimited equipment portfolio and unmatched knowledge, ERS offers comprehensive testing of each customer’s material and works with that customer to prepare the results and justification documents.  These systems arm ERS customers with the best salable commodities at the highest recovery rates in the industry. 

With the ERS integrated system design and technology, production facilities globally have resulted in more manageable and marketable operations, with valuable end products across a vast spectrum of industries.