Shaping your Waste with our briquetting solutions

Briquetting Machine Briquettes
Briquetting Machine Briquettes

Make the most of your production waste!

Waste from wood, polystyrene, foam, light alloys, paper or biomass are a considerable cost factor for production plants. Economic solutions are in demand for handling these materials, and WEIMA briquetting presses are the answer.

Whichever aspects are important to you – disposal, storage, logistics, or profitable waste recycling – Our briquetting presses offer you a reliable solution which is tailor-made to your specific requirements and provides all the economic advantages of briquetting.

Engineered Recycling Systems offers a wide range of briquette presses to compact dust, shavings and chips which often create a waste stream around the workplace. A volume reduction of up to 90% is possible through the briquetting of wood, paper, aluminum, biomass or synthetics. This reduction in volume represents significant cost savings on labor, disposal and storage costs. In addition, the elimination of fine dust particles in the air reduces the danger of fire. The compact form of the briquettes makes them easy to transport and in some cases can be used as a fuel source.

Briquetting Machines

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