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Copper Wire & Cable Chopping Systems 950 Sincro Mill Line


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 The new compact granulators of the SINCRO MILL series allow the simultaneous processing of both solid and stranded copper wires without pre-selection – and they are as easy to maintain as all of Guidetti’s products. Despite its compact design and low energy consumption, the Sincro 950 Mill is a fully integrated system that includes a blade granulator, a zig-zag separator, a turbo and a separating table to ensure perfect separation at the end of the cycle. Substantial metal parts contained in plugs, connectors or solid copper wires are separated directly at the zig-zag while the very thin stranded wires are further reduced in the turbo, improving separation quality and reducing the loss of metals in the plastic almost down to zero.


Guidetti Sincro Mill 950

Guidetti Sincro Mill 950.pdf (1.2 MiB)