ERS / Erdwich Two-Shaft Ripper

ERS / Erdwich Two-Shaft Ripper
ERS / Erdwich Two-Shaft Ripper

The resource-saving shredder for processing electronic waste!

When processing electronic scrap, the aim is not merely to ensure the highest levels of process reliability and performance, but to salvage components such as capacitors and batteries intact where possible. Here, the the RM 1350/2 coarse shredder really struts its stuff: with the especially slow-running twin-shaft rotor/shredder system, the machine is especially resource-friendly and so ensures a large quota of intact capacitors and batteries. Two sizes of machine, with different shredder lengths and drive specifications are available to meet any challenge.

Technical features:

  • Rugged twin-shaft rotor/shredder principle for forward and reverse shredder movement
  • Individually fitted, replaceable custom blades
  • Variable shredder system population
  • Externally-mounted shaft bearing
  • Dedicated shaft drives, plus custom gears mounted on flexible bearings
  • PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down

Areas of Use – Pre-disintegrators and Two-shaft shredders

•    Reduction of massive  metal cast elements and punching burrs
•    Processing of electronic waste
•    Use in the automotive industry (fenders, coachwork, dashboards,...)
•    Reduction of refrigerators and air conditioning equipment
•    Processing of artificial turf
•    Conveyor belts, sandpaper, bulky waste.
•    and so on

For the pre-disintegration the ripper is especially suitable for dealing with bulky materials, which can subsequently be further reduced by a second pass.


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