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Engineered Recycling Systems Reference Installations and Current Projects

Vacuum Transfer Filtration System

CCM®Trim and Dust Collection System

Paper Scrap and Paper Trim System

Wire Processing System

Shredder Wire Recycling Systems

CCM® Trim and Dust Collection System

Vacuum Transfer Filtration System

Turbo Mill Line - Copper Recovery - Wire Chopping System

Modular Tailing System - Copper Recovery

CCM® Filter System with Octagonal Filter

CCM® Dust and Trim Collection System December 2020

Roof Cyclone Installation

Shredder Wire & Pre-Shredded Wire Processing System

CCM® Dust Collection and Trim Handling System

Guidetti PMG Pre-Shredder

Copper Recovery Tailings Processing

Shredder Wire Processing

Shredder Wire Processing System

Waste Collection System for Corrugated Board

Waste Collection System for Corrugated Board

CCM® Filter Installation December 2019

CCM® Filter System by Engineered Recycling Systems

CCM® Filter Air Flow

Scrap System Installation CCM® 25/60 Filter October 2019

CCM® Filter and Low Profile Separator Installation South Africa

Auto Tie Baler and Roof Cyclone Installation

Vacuum Transfer and Scrap System Installation CCM® 25/45 Filter

Industrial Air Filtration and Dust Collection System

New Guidetti 950 Sincro Mill Line

Dust Collection System with CCM® 20/30 Filter

Scrap Dust Collection System Installation Spring 2019

Scrap and Paper Trim Dust Collection Dust Compacting

Shredder Wire System Installation

Shredder Wire & Copper Cable Recycling System Installation 2019

Continuous Cleaning Modular (CCM) Filter - Trommelfilter TFB

Scrap Trim Dust Collection System

Scrap System Dust Control

Shredder Wire Recycling System Installation 2018

Filter Installation September 2018

CCM® Filter Installation September 2018

Copper recovery (tailings processing)

Copper recovery (tailings processing)

Compact granulator Sincro 315 mill

Electric and electronic wire recycling

Wire Recycling Processing System

Wire Recycling Plant & Copper Cable Recycling

Cables and wire recycling from industrial waste

Cans, radiators and wire recycling