23. Sep 2022


Baghouse and cartridge-style filters have long been the go-to solution for removing dust from manufacturing operations, but there are some significant downsides to this type of dust collector. They require explosion venting, abort gates, sometimes building make-up air, and additional fire protection, in addition to the long and costly downtimes to maintain and unplug them. ERS designed the CCM® OCT filter so that it can be kept safely indoors in a dry environment anywhere in the plant. 

09. Sep 2022
The benefits of a CCM® OCT Filter installation


The CCM® OCT Filter is one of the most innovative filter systems on the market and already represents the latest industry standard for dust collection in paper or board production.

26. Jan 2022
ERS launches CCM® OCT dust filter into tissue market


Atlanta-headquartered Engineered Recycling Systems (ERS) has introduced its CCM OCT dust filter system into the global tissue, towel, and non-woven converting markets.

A leader in dust collection, metal separation, and trim removal systems, the company had previously focused on the corrugated box manufacturing arena to develop, change, and finalize the design.

Mike Carver, ERS Managing Partner, told TWM that the CCM OCT is “now complete and ready to roll out into the tissue market”.

He said: “Several years ago, ERS engineers saw the need for a better, safer, and easier to maintain alternative to wet scrubbers and baghouse, cartridge, and enclosed drum filters that are used in the markets for dust extraction and collection.   

“Our engineers came up with a modernized, simple, safe designed OSHA and NFPA compliant CCM filter. In fact, you can watch and troubleshoot the CCM filter while it is running.”

Carver added that the system doesn’t require explosion venting, an abort gate, or expensive fire protection.

“It is the safest, easiest to maintain, most sustainable dust filter on the market today, marching in a new era for the standard in dust extraction and collection,” he said.

07. Jan 2022
ERS at Tissue World Miami 2022


ERS is pleased to announce that the CCM®OCT dust filter is now available to the tissue, towel, and non-woven markets in North America. This dust filter design was developed over thirty years ago in Europe and then brought to the North American market. About six years ago ERS engineers saw this filter as a replacement for the baghouse, cartridge filter, and enclosed drum filters that are used today for dust collection. Our engineers modernized the original design to the CCM®OCT filter we market today. This filter system is OSHA and NFPA approved as non-explosive! No other company can say this! ERS has installed a base of over 50 of these dust filter systems at various paper facilities across North America. The ERS CCM®OCT doesn’t require explosion venting, an abort gate, expensive fire protection and filter maintenance, low cost, quick and simple. This makes the ERS CCM®OCT the safest, easiest to maintain, dust filter system on the market today and the new standard for dust collection in the tissue/towel, paper, and non-wovens markets.  

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Bill Haren

20. Dec 2021


Check out this new plant with the industry-standard ERS all Indoor System. Below is a visual of one of our latest projects. Taking out the old cyclone with an upgrade utilizing the newest technology.

27. Oct 2021


CCM® OCT Filter, Trim & Dust Collection

26. Aug 2021
AUG 9-12, Orlando, FL


Thanks for visiting us at the SuperCorrExpo® 2021

15. Jun 2021


Installation Wire Processing System, Step I

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