If you are looking for a more efficient way to process insulated copper wires and insulated cables used in your industrial company, our recycling system is the right choice for you. We design and build innovative and modern systems for the shredding and recycling of cables and wires for all industrial purposes.

Copper wire and cable chopping and recycling system

Copper Recovery Rate up to
Aluminum Recovery Rate up to
Insulation Separation up to

How does wire and cable recycling work and what are some of the features?

Copper is a great conductor of electricity. It is also resistant to corrosion and is a very strong metal. This makes it the perfect choice for electrical wiring. Insulated copper wire is a type of electrical wire that is coated with a layer of insulation. This insulation protects the wire from damage and prevents it from shorting out. Insulated cable is a type of electrical cable that has multiple wires inside of it, each with their own insulation. There are many different types of insulated copper wire and insulated cable, but they all serve the same purpose: to protect the wire or cables from damage, keep them working properly and to safely carry electricity from one point to another. The insulated copper wire chopping system is designed to process and recycle scrap copper wire and cable. It was designed to separate copper and aluminum from the insulation or other contamination. The machines can chop up many pounds of copper per hour and is capable of processing both insulated and uninsulated copper wire. Some of the features of this system include:

An industrial grade hydraulic cutting machine can handle large quantities of copper wire per hour

A sorting machine that separates the chopped copper wire by insulation type (i.e. insulated or uninsulated)

A system that recycles the chopped copper wire and cable

The above functions are part of the basic systems of a cable recycling plant. Of course, there are other functions that can be added to meet individual requirements.

The benefits of a copper wire and cable chopping system

If you're thinking about reprocessing your old cables, you may be wondering what benefits there are for your business to use a cable recycling system. The reasons can be manifold and differ from application to application. Nevertheless, here are some key benefits which apply to all systems:

Increased Efficiency

When you use a cable recycling system, you'll be able to recycle your cables more efficiently. This means that you or your employess won't have to waste time and effort sorting through your cables by hand. Instead, the plant will do all the work for you. The cable waste only has to be added manually. It then takes over all further work automatically. As a result, the entire disposal and recycling process takes less time and ties up significantly fewer of the available resources, which benefits all processes running in your company. Your employees are also significantly relieved and can invest the working time in other work tasks.

Reduced Costs

Using a cable recycling system can also help to reduce your costs. This is because you won't need to purchase new and expensive cables as often. Instead, you can simply recycle your old ones and use the money you save to pay for other expenses.

Not only do you save money by not having to buy new cables, but disposing of the old ones also ties up enormous costs for storage, transport and energy. With recycling, the costs for storage and energy are reduced considerably, while transport costs are eliminated completely.

Since your employees no longer have to spend as much time removing cable waste, they can benefit from a chopper system in this area as well. Automating processes saves your employees time, which they can invest in important production activities. Working time costs companies money. Through automation, you can increase your production capacity and handle more or larger orders.

If you have a lot of old cables and wires, they can take up a lot of space. Space is also a major cost factor that should ideally be used wisely. The storage of waste ties up a lot of space and thus costs, but has no impact on the company's success. Recycling cables and wires can help you free up some much-needed space, so it can be used for other purposes. Recycled cables and wires can also be resold for good prices to generate additional revenues.

Improved Sustainability

Finally, using a cable recycling system can help to improve your sustainability. Every pound of waste that ends up in landfills represents an enormous burden on the environment. Recycling helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Furthermore, it also helps to conserve resources. The production of copper cables and wires requires many resources that are not infinitely available. Recycling conserves resources and instead processes those already used for reuse.

In addition, enormous amounts of energy are consumed in the production and disposal of cables and wires. Recycling consumes significantly less energy in the entire process and is therefore much more efficient. The lower energy consumption not only protects the environment, but also significantly reduces your costs, which can be a major saving given rising energy prices.

The emissions generated are also significantly higher during production from scratch and subsequent disposal than during recycling. Pollutant emissions place a heavy burden on the environment and are mainly responsible for climate change. Reducing these emissions therefore makes a major contribution to tackling climate change.

In summary, companies can benefit from our systems in many ways, whether through a direct impact on costs and work processes or by improving their environmental footprint. In addition, the image and reputation of your company can also benefit greatly from environmental friendliness.

Why you should choose our systems?

We have a wide range of machinery and equipment that allows us to develop systems tailored to your company's exact requirements and production processes, so we can offer you an efficient and effective solution. Our installations have the highest recovery rates in the industry, which means that the percentage of reusable metal processed in the process is the highest.

Our multifunctional solution wire pro series is characterized by its compact size, good energy efficiency and low noise generation, among other features. To ensure that your employees are not exposed to dust, we have also integrated a dust filter system.

The sincro eko line includes several granulators, with different production capacities. All machines are CE certified and uncomplicated to operate and maintain. They are characterized by cost-efficient operation and high quality in the processing of metals.

In addition to multi-functional solutions, we also offer individual components that are needed for a functioning system. These include, for example, conveyor belts and magnets. The conveyors can transport light to heavy materials as required and serve as additional automation. Magnets increase the reuse rate of the metals. For these, too, several different designs can be integrated into the system.


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