Trim & Dust Removal Systems

for Tissue Converting Facilities | Toilet Paper & Napkin Production

Trim & Dust Removal Systems for Tissue Converting, Toilet Paper and Napkin Production

Tackling Dust Challenges in the Tissue Industry with ERS

Engineered Recycling Systems (ERS): Your Partner in Dust Control Excellence

In the tissue industry, dust poses significant challenges, impacting safety, machine performance, product quality, cleaning and the health of your workforce. ERS understands the unique demands of the tissue sector and offers a state-of-the-art solution to revolutionize your dust control strategies.

Our Expertise:

At ERS, we bring together a team of top engineers and system integrators dedicated to providing the tissue industry with cutting-edge dust control solutions. With a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, we have developed the Continuous Cleaning Modular CCM® OCT Filter – a groundbreaking system designed to address the specific challenges faced by tissue converting facilities.

Key Benefits for the Tissue Industry:

Efficient Filtration: The CCM® OCT Filter excels in energy-efficient filtration of large volumes of dust-laden air, ensuring the highest quality standards for your tissue products.

Compact Footprint: Our filters require a significantly smaller footprint compared to alternative technologies, making them ideal for the space constraints often found in tissue and paper converting facilities.

Environmental Sustainability: ERS CCM® OCT filters do not rely on compressed air or water, contributing to both cost savings and environmental sustainability.

Customized Solutions for Tissue Mills:

We recognize that each facility is unique, and our solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements. Whether you are dealing with safety hazards, machine issues, or health risks associated with dust, ERS has the expertise to provide a customized dust control system that aligns with your production needs.

Why Choose ERS:

Proven Technology: The CCM® OCT Filter is a testament to our commitment to innovation and efficiency, providing unrivaled performance in dust control.

Simplified Maintenance: With a simple design and the use of standard hand tools for maintenance, our systems ensure ease of operation, reducing downtime and labor costs.

Safety Compliance: ERS solutions adhere to workplace safety, health, and fire protection guidelines, ensuring a secure and compliant work environment.

Service and spare parts: In ERS’ 55,000 square foot Atlanta facility we stock all major parts and house a service department that is standing by to meet you needs.

Partner with ERS for Dust Control Excellence:

ERS is not just a supplier; we are your dedicated partner in overcoming dust challenges in the tissue industry. Trust us to deliver turnkey solutions that enhance efficiency, improve air quality, and elevate the overall performance of your plant.

For more information on how ERS can help you solve your dust problems, contact us at

ERS Tissue Paper Dust Collection System

Dust Extraction Filter CCM® Brochure

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