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Scrap & Trim Collection Dust Control System

Engineered Recycling Systems
 is leader in the corrugated manufacturing industry with its latest Scrap and Trim Collection, Vacuum Transfer and Dust Control, custom-designed to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow.

Departing from conventional options in the marketplace, ERS has modernized technology for scrap systems through the use of two defining features: the Balancing Fan and CCM® Filter. As air, dust and scrap enter the system through the ERS LPS (low profile separator) and scrap deposits into the baler chute, a balancing fan is installed to neutralize down pressure in the baler chute and ensure balanced energy throughout that adjusts automatically with system fluctuating air flows.

With the utilization of a balancing fan, the system uses only the amount of horsepower necessary to operate. The remaining air and dust is then pneumatically conveyed to the CCM® Filter, which includes rotating and oscillating suction nozzles.
Inside the filter the nozzles continuously vacuum any dust and waste from the filter media. The deep filter cleaning every 2-3 minutes results in low pressure loss. The dust is then conveyed to a high efficiency dust collection cyclone which discharges into a dust pucker. These dust pucks can then go into a dumpster or back into the baler chute.

The entire system is compliant with workplace safety, health (OSHA) and fire (NFPA) guidelines without additional equipment.

Paper Scrap & Paper Trim Collection Dust Control System
Example of a Scrap System Dust Control Functional Scheme
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