Air Filtration

and Dust Collection Systems

Vacuum Transfer & Dust Control Industrial Air Filter Systems for efficient filtration of large volumes of air with fibrous dust

Shredder Wire

and Cable Chopping Systems

The shortest distance between your loose wire and separated metals in their most salable forms

Eliminate Midlings-Tailings

Make Money. Don't waste it.

Let our ERS technology help you to recover
all of the lost metals in your midlings and tailings


The Game Changer

The most innovative filters system in the market
that solves your scrap and dust challenges

No more worrying about what’s going on inside of your baghouse or cartridge filters.

The CCM® OCT dust collector features windows for monitoring the internal operation, while it’s working! It’s like a seethrough vacuum cleaner!

Baghouse and cartridge-style filters have long been the go-to solution for removing dust from manufacturing operations, but there are some significant downsides to this type of dust collector. They require explosion venting, abort gates, sometimes building make-up air, and additional fire protection, in addition to the long and costly downtimes to maintain and unplug them. ERS designed the CCM® OCT filter so that it can be kept safely indoors in a dry environment anywhere in the plant. 

The benefits of a CCM® OCT Filter installation

The CCM® OCT Filter is one of the most innovative filter systems on the market and already represents the latest industry standard for dust collection in paper or board production.

"We do more than sell filtration equipment.
We design and install the most innovative, turnkey dust and scrap control systems in the industry."

— Mike Carver, Managing Partner —

Upcoming Trade Shows and ERS News

ISRI Southeast Region 2022 Fall Convention

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November 9 - 11


CorrExpo 2023
August 28 - 30, 2023
Cleveland, Ohio
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ISRI Convention & Exposition 2023

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April 17 - 20 


SuperCorrExpo® 2024

September 8 - 12, 2024 | Orlando, FL

Metals Processing and Scrap Metal Recycling Systems
Replace your old baghouse filter with a CCM® Filter System.

Maddening Mess?

We sort it out!

ERS Metals Processing and Scrap Metal Recycling Systems – engineered to meet the customers specific needs.

Separating the copper

from the aluminum

Scrap aluminum copper radiators are radiators made up of copper and aluminum. ERS systems separate the metals.

Paper Scrap and Paper Trim Collection Dust Control System

Paper Scrap & Trim Collection

ERS Paper Scrap and Paper Trim Collection, Vacuum Transfer and Scrap System Dust Control is custom-designed to meet the needs of today and the challenges of tomorrow. Departing from conventional options in the marketplace, ERS has modernized technology for scrap systems through the use of two defining features...

Dust Collection Systems

ERS Vacuum Transfer and Dust Control Industrial Air Filter Systems are perfectly suitable for energy efficient filtration of large volumes of air with fibrous dust such as wood, polystyrene, insulation material, natural material, etc.

Discover our ERS high-end solutions: Continuous Cleaning Modular (CCM®) Filter, High Efficiency Cyclones, Low Profile Separator (LPS) now.

Safe & Clean Facility

In response to COVID-19, the cleanliness of your facility needs the ERS CCM® OCT Filter now more than ever.

The unique modular design of the CCM® OCT Filter ensures that your filter will meet even the most demanding requirements and can be modified based on future demands. The system can be installed and commissioned within a short time compared to that of conventional filter systems...


Why choose ERS?

When you read this, you are one step closer to a reliable partner
that solves your scrap and dust challenges.

Engineered Recycling Systems, ERS, stands for superior design, quality installations and excellent service.
The team at ERS is comprised of the industry’s top engineers and system integrators, incorporating the finest equipment technology, expansive industry knowledge and expertise – and enabling ERS to provide customers with the latest and most innovative integrated systems in the world.

If you missed us at the latest trade shows, visit our test lab in Atlanta!
Start your partnership with the ERS Team today.

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