EV Battery Recycling Solutions separate copper and aluminum from the black mass

At Engineered Recycling, we designing and building cutting-edge machinery for the recovery of valuable materials from EV [Electric Vehicle] car batteries. Our expertise lies in safely extracting essential components without recycling the entire battery. Here’s how we do it:

  1. Black Mass Recovery:

    • Our proprietary systems efficiently separate copper and aluminum from the black mass—a critical component of Electric Cars batteries.
    • While we’re not the recycler itself, we design and build specialized machinery tailored to our customers’ needs.
  2. Custom Machinery Design:

    • Our discreet and secure process ensures confidentiality, especially when dealing with sensitive information.
    • Contact us today to explore how Engineered Recycling can optimize your metal recycling processes!

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Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC. The industry leader in dust collection, metal separation and trim removal systems – comprised of the industry’s top engineers and system integrators, incorporating the finest equipment technology, expansive industry knowledge and expertise, and enabling ERS to provide customers with the latest and most innovative integrated systems in the world.

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