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18. Dec 2023
by Andreas Fischer

Join Len Prazych from Board Converting News as he catches up with Mike Carver from Engineered Recycling Systems, LLC on the vibrant floor of CorrExpo 2023. With over 1,200 industry professionals in attendance, CorrExpo 2023 proved to be a game-changer for the packaging industry, featuring impactful keynotes, dynamic presentations, and unforgettable networking events.

26. Jan 2023
by Andreas Fischer

ERS, an Atlanta-based company, provides custom trim removal and dust collection systems for the paper manufacturing and paper converting industries.


13. Jan 2023
by Andreas Fischer

By now you’ve probably heard about the CCM®OCT dust collector and its game-changing technology, but did you know that it’s also backed by a 55,000 square foot warehouse full of spare parts and new equipment?

13. Dec 2022
by Andreas Fischer

ERS Sales Director Jeff Wair discusses the company's approach to processing shredder wire.

07. Dec 2022
by Andreas Fischer

The filter is designed in such a way that the filter media doubles as the unit’s external walls. Since these walls are made of fabric, as opposed to the conventional “steel box” filters, the unit can never build up enough pressure to generate an explosion. This completely eliminates the need for explosion vents, high-speed abort gates, and unnecessary liabilities.

05. Oct 2022
by Andreas Fischer

No more worrying about what’s going on inside of your baghouse or cartridge filters.

The CCM® OCT dust collector features windows for monitoring the internal operation, while it’s working! It’s like a seethrough vacuum cleaner!

23. Sep 2022
by Andreas Fischer

Baghouse and cartridge-style filters have long been the go-to solution for removing dust from manufacturing operations, but there are some significant downsides to this type of dust collector. They require explosion venting, abort gates, sometimes building make-up air, and additional fire protection, in addition to the long and costly downtimes to maintain and unplug them. ERS designed the CCM® OCT filter so that it can be kept safely indoors in a dry environment anywhere in the plant. 

09. Sep 2022
The benefits of a CCM® OCT Filter installation
by Andreas Fischer

The CCM® OCT Filter is one of the most innovative filter systems on the market and already represents the latest industry standard for dust collection in paper or board production.

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