ERS CCM® Filter System

The most innovative filter and paper trim system in the market

The Game Changer: Continuous Cleaning Modular CCM® OCT Filter

ERS CCM® OCT Patented Filter is the most innovative filter and paper trim system in the market.

The design of the Continuous Cleaning Modular CCM® OCT Filter Dust Collection System completely departs from conventional filter systems. The CCM® OCT Filter is stationary and can be placed inside the production facility. The incoming air flows from the inside to the outside, leaving the drum through the whole filter surface.

The unique modular design of the CCM® OCT Filter ensures that your filter will meet even the most demanding requirements and can be modified based on future demands. The system can be installed and commissioned within a short time compared to that of conventional filter systems. It can be mounted quickly and efficiently in the smallest of spaces and supplemented by filter segments at any time.

In response to COVID-19, the cleanliness of your facility needs the ERS CCM® OCT Filter now more than ever.

CCM® OCT Filter operate under positive pressure and therefore do not require an enclosure as many other systems do. The airstream, which contains dust, enters the filter drum through the dust inlet on the front or back of the filter. Vacuum nozzles rotate and move horizontally inside the drum. Anti-static suction nozzles inside the filter drum continuously vacuum dust and waste from the fine filter media.

Little air is required to clean the fine filter medium as the suction nozzles are very efficient. The specially designed anti-static suction nozzles touch the fine filter media, which guarantees high and efficient cleaning. All CCM® OCT filters are fully grounded to prevent static buildup. The CCM® OCT filters are perfectly suitable for energy-efficient filtration of large volumes of dust-laden air.

with an application in various industrial applications:
  • Corrugated Industry Dust Collection System
  • Paper Manufacturing Dust Filtration
  • Tissue paper de-dusting
  • Metals Recycling Dust Collection

ERS CCM® OCT Filter System Brochure

ERS Corrugated Brochure January 2024.pdf (2.4 MiB)

Why choose CCM® OCT FILTER?

•  No tools for nozzle replacement required
•  No chain and sprocket required
•  No tools for media change required
   » just zip it up
   » media change out in a matter of minutes
•  Filter is accessible for inspection during operation,
   » no shutdown required
•  Filter media with
    - high dust collection efficiency
    - low resistance
    - a long service life
•  Filter media deep cleaned within minutes
•  No pressure fluctuations within the system
•  No compressed air required

The CCM® OCT Filter Medium
has high dust collection efficiency,
low resistance
and a long service life

Advantages over conventional dust filtration technology

• Modular design permits precise adjustment to total air volume
• Filter is accessible for inspection during operation, minimal shutdown required
• Energy-saving operation due to low pressure loss
• No explosion venting needed
• No need for high speed abort gates
• OSHA and NFPA compliant
• Less downtime
• Lower maintenance
• Lower labor costs
• More efficient production equipment
• Cleaner and safer plant

Priority on safety:

  • Never reaches critical dust concentration
  • Maintenance can be performed without the use of a ladder or lift
  • Includes sensors and controls to maintain a safe environment

Simple Design, Sophisticated Technology & Ease of Maintenance

What makes ERS CCM® OCT filters so particularly sustainable?

ERS CCM® OCT filters are exceptionally energy efficient compared to conventional filter systems, as the filter media builds up almost no resistance due to the unique vacuum cleaning process, which deep cleans the media several times per minute. Our filters also require a significantly smaller filtration area than all known alternative filtration technologies used in the corrugated and paper industry.

ERS CCM® OCT filters filters do not require the use of water or compressed air to clean the media. Filter can be installed on the factory floor. In addition, because of the indoor installation, no air is released into the atmosphere, which has the huge advantage that no air-conditioned air is lost. This significantly reduces energy costs compared to systems that release the air into the environment.

Often our filters are installed above a baler or fans – this also saves space in the building. Due to the unique ERS system design, we have been able to build extremely compact filter systems that have a very small footprint.

Current Filtration Solution Time for Evolution

By choosing our CCM® OCT FILTER...



There is no compressed air needed. So no air gets lost and has to be lavishly lead back into the building. In addition: no conditioned air gets lost in summer. No heated air gets lost in winter.



There is no water needed at all. So no polluted water has to be purified – which is a nice benefit for environment and one of our many ways to maintain sustainability.


Space & Surface

There is no extra space needed outside your production hall. The CCM® OCT can be built right into the production hall. Plant a tree instead, or do some beekeeping on your real estate.



Of course you need energy. But now you can save lots of kWh of energy per year for air conditioning and heating. And you do not have to pump compressed air through endless tubes at your site anymore.



With no more need for compressed air, water, extra space and lots of additional energy, you save lots of dollars. Besides: there is no need to install endless tubes for compressed air and no costs for their maintenance.



You lose a lot of superfluous, dispensable waste, which other- wise would have been to be disposed or expensively purified.

As the CCM® OCT filter needs only one-tenth to one-fifth filter media for the same amount of air, compared to other technologies, there is much less used filter media to be disposed.



Just look at the employees and coworkers at your company now: there is no greater thing in the world than a genuine and appreciative smile directed right into your face.



You win a whole lot of time you can now invest in much more useful things than thinking about dust collection problems. Maybe the beekeeping then? Honey is healthy and bees are our friends.



A good night’s sleep. Based on a pure conscience having cared about your coworkers, having environmentally cared for the planet and taken further steps towards ensuring ongoing sustainability.


ERS Dust Collection and Scrap Removal Brochure

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