Copper Meatball & Armature

processing systems

Copper Meatball & Armature Processing Systems

As copper prices continue to stay strong you need a strong partner. Engineered Recycling Systems is one of the leaders in Copper Meatball / Armature Processing / Auto Shredder Meatball Recovery Systems.

Our Meatball and Electric Motor recycling process is a state of the art method. The ERS E-Motor recycling process has one of the highest recovery rates of metals out of Meatball Scrap than most other systems on the market.

Meatball and Electric Motor recycling Highest recovery rates of metals
Meatball Processing
and Meatball Recycling

A maddening mess?

Electric Motors
Meatball Recycling
Meatball Recycling
Separated Cross Belt Scrap
Meatball Recycling
Separated Aluminum
Meatball Recycling
Separated Copper
Meatball Recycling
No more mess with ERS
Meatball Recycling

We sort it out.

Electric Motor Scrap Meatball Processing Systems by Engineered Recycling Systems

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