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The CCM® OCT filter completely removes explosion hazards from dust collection systems.

The filter is designed so that the filter media doubles as the unit’s external walls. Since these walls are made of fabric, as opposed to the conventional “steel box” filters, the unit can never build up enough pressure to generate an explosion. This completely eliminates the need for explosion vents, high-speed abort gates, and unnecessary liabilities.

The CCM® OCT filter can be installed safely inside your facility, where you can always keep an eye on it. A built-in window lets you see inside the unit—while it’s working—allowing you to catch any problem as soon as it comes up. You’re no longer kept in the dark waiting for something to go wrong, like with old technology baghouses and cartridge filters.

Since the CCM® OCT lives on your factory floor, you don’t need dangerous lifts or ladders to access it, not to mention you don’t need to go outside and fight the elements. Fewer variables mean there is less that can go wrong.

The CCM® OCT meets all OSHA and NFPA requirements for non-explosives, and as of today, there are currently more than 80 insured CCM® filters operating worldwide.

Other CCM® OCT features:

The cost of ownership is ½ of a baghouse and ¼ of a cartridge filter

  • 80% less downtime for routine servicing
  • Quick, simple maintenance
  • Compact design, small footprint


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