Method of operation CCM® OCT Filter

The Game Changer: Continuous Cleaning Modular (CCM®) OCT Filter

ERS CCM® OCT Filter (Patents Pending) is the most innovative filter and paper trim system in the market.

The design of the Continuous Cleaning Modular (CCM®) OCT Filter Dust Collection System completely departs from conventional filter systems. The CCM® OCT Filter is stationary and can be placed inside the production facility. The incoming air flows from the inside to the outside, leaving the drum through the whole filter surface.

The unique modular design of the CCM® OCT Filter ensures that your filter will meet even the most demanding requirements and can be modified based on future demands. The system can be installed and commissioned within a short time compared to that of conventional filter systems. It can be mounted quickly and efficiently in the smallest of spaces and supplemented by filter segments at any time.

Caution! The Filters CCM® must only be used for the described purpose. Any use not expressly specified in this document counts as unauthorized.

ERS CCM® OCT Filter installed in the production

The CCM® OCT Filter operates under positive pressure and therefore does not require an enclosure as many other systems do. The airstream, which contains dust, enters the filter drum through the dust inlet on the front or back of the filter. Vacuum nozzles rotate and move horizontally inside the drum. Anti-static suction nozzles inside the filter drum continuously vacuum dust and waste from the fine filter media.

Little air is required to clean the fine filter medium as the suction nozzles are very efficient. The specially designed anti-static suction nozzles touch the fine filter media, which guarantees high and efficient cleaning. All CCM® OCT filters are fully grounded to prevent static buildup. The CCM® OCT filters are perfectly suitable for energy-efficient filtration of large volumes of dust-laden air.

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