Gear Drive Motor

Gear motor lubrication

Fill Level & Drain Plugs

The drain plugs are metric socket head cap screws. They will be located at the lowest part of the gearbox for ease of draining. The fill level plug is a hex head cap screw. It will be located between the Autovent and the drain plug. Both types of plugs will have gaskets included to prevent oil from leaking.


        Drain Plug       Fill Level Plug



The Autovent plug is brass in color and will be located at the highest point on the gearbox. It operates like a check valve to allow the reducer to relieve internal pressure while preventing lubricant contamination during cooling. A spring presses a ball or plunger against a machined orifice until the pressure exceeds 2 psi. Above 2 psi the air is allowed to escape depressurizing the gearcase. When internal pressure drops below 2 psi, the auto vent re-seals closing the unit to the outside environment. After shutdown, the reducer cools along with the air inside the reducer. The unit will temporarily maintain a slight vacuum until normalization occurs. NORD Gear supplies an Autovent as a standard feature.


1. Operate the equipment as it was intended to be operated

2. Do not overload.

3. Run at the correct speed.

4. Maintain Lubricant in good condition and at the proper level.

5. Dispose of used Lubricant in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

6. Apply proper maintenance to attached equipment at prescribed intervals recommended by the manufacturer.

7. Perform periodic maintenance of the gear drive as recommended by NORD.


AII NORD reducers are shipped from the factory property filled with Lubricant and all plugs are installed according to the mounting position given on the reducer nametag.  The acceptable oil fill level is within ½ inch of the bottom of the fill plug threads.



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