Fine Filter Media for CCM® Filter

Change of fine filter media

The filter media must be replaced when the specified permissible filter resistance is reached Delta P higher than 500 [Pa.] / 2 [inch of water]. Note the first service alarm on PLC will be set to ½ inch of water. (see Pressure Gauge on Filter back wall and info on PLC) Replace the fine filter media also when they are physically damaged (holes, scratches, etc.). The filter media are supplied in standard lengths and include retaining straps. To install a new filter medium,  loosen the ratchet straps of the old filter media and then remove them by sliding them out of the C-Rail C.

Clean the entire filter inside and suction nozzles before installing the new filter media in a broom or vacuum cleaner. Before a new filter media is installed please clean out the c-rails.

Pull the media all around the filter ring until both ends meet so that the zipper can close. Check again that the media and especially the zipper runs parallel. Tight the fastening straps on both sides until the zipper can be closed.



Once the zipper is closed fasten both ratchet straps until the media is attached tight to the rings.


Link to Filter Media Change Video

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