Maintenance schedule

The following overview shows the inspection and service intervals recommended by ERS for CCM® OCT filters.

Daily Checks
  • Visually check all moving parts via inspection window
  • Pressure drop across fine filter media if pressure is too high
  • Fine Filter Media for damaged parts (visual)
Weekly Checks
  • Nozzles and hoses if clogged suction?
  • Position of nozzles are they still aligned?
  • Are the nozzles moving and rotating?
  • Cross grooved shaft working?
  • Filter Filter Media damaged?
Monthly Checks
  • Sealings cross of grooved shaft
  • Are belts for the nozzle drive still attached?
  • Support wheels for wear
  • Nozzles and Hoses for wear
Every 6 Months
  • Change flexible hoses and nozzles
  • Change belts for nozzle drive
  • Change filter media
Every Year
  • Change all parts listed in the 6 months list
  • Check gear motor oil level, change if needed
  • Change pin for cross grooved shaft
  • Grease cross grooved shaft
  • Replace bellows cross grooved shaft
  • Replace antistatic brush if needed
  • Check all sealings and replace them if needed
  • Check all rollers for carriages and replace them if needed
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