Safety Instructions for CCM® OCT Filter

The assembly, disassembly, and maintenance must be done by trained personnel to provide reliability and safety as well as best filtration results.

Operating Safety Instructions

The following operating safety instructions require special attention:

Any person who is engaged in commissioning, operation, and upkeep (inspection, maintenance, repair) of the CCM® at the user's plant, must have read and understood the entire operating instructions and especially the operating instructions  "Safety". We recommend the user have this confirmed in writing.

The CCM® and must only be operated, maintained, and repaired by authorized, instructed, and skilled personnel. Such personnel must have special training regarding dangers that might occur.

Competencies for commissioning,  operating, and maintenance must be clearly defined and complied with in order to avoid any lack of clarity regarding the competencies in the area of safety.

For any work procedures involving commissioning, operation, changeover, adjustment, and maintenance, the switching-off procedures listed in the operating instructions must comply with.

Any work procedures impairing the security of the CCM® must be avoided. The user has to see to it that no persons without authorization will work at the unit. The user is obligated to immediately report any changes occurring at the CCM® which might impair safety and to stop the CCM® until the damage has been repaired. The user must undertake to operate the CCM® only in a faultless state. Any unauthorized conversions or modifications which affect the safety of the CCM® are not allowed.

Any work carried out at the CCM®  may, as a general principle, only be performed after a complete shutdown.

Before commencing any work on the CCM®  their drive units and accessory equipment must be secured against unintentional switching-on.

-Repair mode switch-

Before starting up after repair work it must be checked if all guards have been mounted. Guards must only be removed after shutdown and after having secured the CCM®. After carrying out electrical assembly or repair work the protection devices installed (e.g. earth resistance) must be tested.

For CCM® operation the local safety and accident prevention regulations are valid in each case.

Application as authorized

The CCM® and are exclusively designed as filters for filtering air containing dust and short fibers. Any use beyond this application is considered unauthorized. The manufacturer shall not be responsible for any damage resulting therefrom. The user alone shall bear the risk in such a case.

Caution: The filters must be operated at temperatures from 41°F to 140°F

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