Support Rollers and Antistatic Brush

Please check the support rollers for wear at regular intervals. The rollers act as a counter bearing to the drive motor and are very im-portant for the smooth operation of the filter. The rollers must be fully rotatable at all times. Do not forget to replace the retaining ring after replacing the rollers. Due to the high load on the rollers, we recommend that you always use a new ring when replacing the rollers.


Each CCM® OCT filter is fully groun-ded at the factory. The grounding takes place through the suction nozzles, which are connected to the central guide tube by means of the spiral hose. The central guide tube dissipates away any electrical charge by means of the antistatic brush. It is therefore important to ensure that the anti static brush is always in optimum condition. If the copper elements on the brush are worn, they must be replaced immediately, as this is the only way to ensure the complete grounding of the filter.

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