Shredders for Metals Recycling

Shred through the toughest compressible materials

Single-Shaft Shredder

The all-rounders for any application! 
Achieving precision material breakdown in just a single operation: that’s the proven capability of the single-shaft shredder.

How does it do it?
The material is taken up by the cutting rotor and shredded repeatedly against the stator blade, using the tried-and-tested rotor/stator principle. This continues until the desired size has been achieved and the material can pass through the perforated screen underneath. The result is impressive: superior efficiency and optimum reliability for predefined fragment sizes.

Choose the mature and highly economical technology of the single-shaft shredder for your application. 

Technical features of the universal single-shaft shredder

• Precise rotor/stator cutting system
• Individually fitted, replaceable cutter discs
• Integrated perforated disk to sort piece sizes
• Bulkhead seals to protect the shaft bearing
• Application-specific drive and cutter element models
• PLC unit featuring automated reverse and power down
• The Single-Shaft Shredders from Erdwich are manufactured in various sizes – M400, M600, M700 and M800, each of which is available with cutting equipment in a variety of sizes.

Broad Spectrum of Application:

The single-shaft all-rounder is ideally suited for reduction of a wide range of different materials:

• Plastic and metal swarf
• Metal castings and punched components
• Hospital waste
• Zinc slag, aluminium, steel, plastics
• Further reduction of electronic waste.
• and so on

Compact Shredder M 400

For the first time 
modified compact version of the M 400 with new screen change construction leaves the Erdwich plant in Igling. New screen change construction developed: As a rule, the screen change takes place below the machine. In such cases, a transition funnel with maintenance opening sits underneath the cutting plant for a safe screen change. However, this method of construction is not feasible due to lack of space in this project. So rethinking was the order of the day. That's why our technicians have replaced the pickup point. Now the screen change can be made from behind.

The advantages are clear:
1) Lower installation height, since the standard transition funnel with maintenance opening is omitted
2) Better accessibility to the cutting plant or hole screen
3) Less preparation time during maintenance (no preliminary work required)
4) Less time spent on screen maintenance
5) Possibility of optical control of the shredding process by an integrated viewing window
6) dust-density design of the maintenance opening

The shredder is equipped with both a cell wheel lock and Equipped to a pneumatic impressionable system in order to be able to optimally supply the material to the cutting plant. 

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