Shredders and Mills

Hammer Mills

For hard and britle materials

Turbo Mills

Our Turbo mills are design to ball material into more uniform pieces. We can then send the material to its final separation system achieving the best results in the world.

Hammer Mills

We draw from a wide range of hammer mills primarily used for size reduction. These mills help us to prepare material for further processing by reducing large pieces in size and liberating different materials from each other.

Vertical Mills

Our vertical mills are uniquely designed to ball up material for further processing. The balling affect helps us to delaminate difficult to handle material and send it to further processing for the best commodity separation anyone in the world has to offer.


Engineered Recycling Systems draws from a large range of primary shredders to help reduce bulky loads. These shredders can be bulk or conveyor fed and are used for primary reduction at the beginning of our processing systems.

Revolutionizing Material Processing: Introducing MC Combines for Efficient Shredding and Granulation

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