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Briquette Press TH 1500 M

Briquette Presses
 are used for further compaction of materials such as wood chips, sawdust, shavings, paper dust, etc. Most machines are installed directly under dust collection systems. Without the use of any glues or adhesives, the press creates a solid briquette which looks similar to a hockey puck.

The main benefit of using a briquette press is to compress loose materials. Most briquettes can also be used as a heat source. Our presses include an impressive array of optional features, including a level sensor, hydraulic oil heating and cooling and an automatic length adjustment.

There’s a lot to be said for briquetting

• Reduction of waste volume by up to 90% – resulting in considerable saving of disposal, transport and storage costs.

• Production of high quality secondary raw materials and briquettes that are high in heating value.

• Considerable reduction of fine dust and pollutants through the compression of shavings and dusty materials into clean, compact briquettes.

• Reduction in the danger of fires and explosions by briquetting potentially flammable waste – an economic alternative to costly fire prevention measures

Technical Data TH 1500 M

Briquette Dimensions (mm) 150 x 60
Weight (approx. kg) 3,500
Hydraulic motor (kW) 30 (40 hp)
Hydraulic motor for
filling cylinder (kW)
5.5 (7.5 hp)
Worm motor (kW) 0.6 (.75 hp)
Permanent agitator (kW) 2.2 kW (3 hp)
Oil quantity (ltr) 500
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